Pilates in Leeds is an excellent way to improve core strength, flexibility and balance and can also prove very relaxing, helping to reduce stress and tension.

Pilates can help reduce and prevent back and neck pain and help recovery from injury and improve posture. It can also improve pelvic floor strength , so may help continence issues.


We run Pilates classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings ran by a chartered physiotherapist at Colton primary school and for more information email: jenniemaxim@hotmail.com

We hope you enjoy the classes and find them beneficial – please give us feedback on the class and if you are finding the exercises too easy or too difficult. Please let the instructor know if you are having difficulty with an exercise and it can be modified for you. Remember it is important that the exercises are not painful so please miss out any painful exercises and tell the instructor.

It is also advisable to do a 10-15 minute pilates session daily at home using the warm up routine and 1 or 2 key exercises to get the most benefit from Pilates. Your body and muscles will take time to adapt to the effect of pilates and therefore the exercises are normally progressive over several months, so many people continue to do regular pilates as an ongoing process, much like yoga. Towards the end of the course you will be asked if you would like to continue onto the next course .